Get it. All of it.

People going places need a vehicle that will take them there. The i10 is all about the complete automotive package that will ensure all your driving needs are met. It is a real Hyundai, and that means there is no compromise on quality, performance, safety or eco-friendliness. And if we did not compromise, why should you? We believe everyone has the right to lasting comfort and peace of mind - and the i10 guarantees this for you and your passengers.



Stylishly compact

For those young at heart, the design of the i10 is funky, lively and energetic whilst also practical. The smooth contours of the bonnet and windshield ensure that the i10 is stylish, but also improves aerodynamics. This reduces the wind resistance, and that in turn improves your fuel economy. The stance is broad and reassuring, emphasized by the pronounced sporty wheel arches. The chrome detailed fog lights are stylishly and protectively recessed.

Hexagonal grille

The stylish hexagonal grille on the i10 enhances the fluidic sculpture line of the front end.

New clear headlights

The newly designed clear headlight clusters not only look great, they improve both your night vision and your on-road visibility.

Exterior mirror repeaters

Extra style with extra safety. These repeaters make your intention to turn clear, even if other road users cannot see the front or rear lights.

Rear combination lamps

Stylishly integrated rear light clusters blend harmoniously into the Fluidic sculpture design, ensuring that you can be clearly seen by those around you.


Climb into comfort

Step into the Hyundai i10 and you will find that intelligent design makes a real difference. Comfortable supportive seats, instruments which are vibrant and easily understood, controls that feel precise and solid, and high quality materials, all contribute to this award winning Hyundai interior.

Spacious when it counts

Whether you are out shopping or going on a road trip, there is more than enough space to load everything you need. The 60/40 split rear seatback ensures that you can pack in those larger items with ease.

Air conditioning controls

Easy to operate controls, lit by the illuminating blue LED lights, put command of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning right at your fingertips.

Multi function sound system

The double DIN intergrated audio system features a state of the art 6-speaker sound system and includes a CD player with MP3 compatability, RDS and Bluetooth, for all your musical requirements.

Seat height adjustment

The driver's seat height adjustment is pump action, enabling any driver to find the ideal driving position in just a few seconds.

Adjustable rear headrests

To increase rear passenger comfort and safety, the practical and comfortable rear headrests are height adjustable.

Underseat tray

This useful storage tray keeps your precious belongings readily accessible, but safely out of sight, beneath the front passenger seat.

12 volt power outlet

Whether it is your GPS or Smartphone, the 12v power outlet is there for all your personal electronics to ensure that you are never out of touch.

AUX, iPOD and USB jack

The auxiliary and USB inputs allow for you to access your music from your external MP3 device. The iPod cable allows you to stream music directly from your iPod.


Ready, steady, go!

Great performance and environmental responsibility is something you have come to expect from Hyundai. With the i10 it means that you can relax and enjoy maximum driving satisfaction with minimum effort and distraction. Choose precision manual or relaxing automatic transmission. When you add steering wheel controls, comfort and convenience as well as increased driving safety, you can be sure that you have all the necessary performance credentials to get you going.


Precise 5-speed manual or convenient 4-speed automatic transmission ensures that the i10 perfectly fits your driving style. Both manual and automatic transmissions are available in the 1.1 litre engine.

Stopping power

The i10 features 241mm front discs and larger 180mm rear drums. Together with the 4 channel ABS (on Fluid and Glide) and standard brake booster and assistant systems, this means you will have reeserves of braking power and non-skid security when you need it most.



Exterior Colors

Interior Colors