The only car you need

Accent will be a new alternative for a compact car by increasing economic feasibility and practicality.

Possible to show an active style by various exterior colors, stylish rear combination lamps and dynamic grille to express your own personality.



A looker that looks into the future

The Accent gives off a casual coupe vibe with a sweeping roof, cab-forward design and low lines on the body.

Headlamps with LED positioning lamps

Providing optimum brightness at night, a two-piece bezel design adds a touch of luxury during the daytime, especially with the added LED positioning lamps.

Radiator grille

Accent’s radiator grille adds a premium touch for its front and improved exclusiveness by installing the traditionally clean and refined style of the headlamps and rear combination lamps.

Front fog lamps

As well as giving you extra visibility in foggy weather, all of the fog lamps are stylish and continuously-designed body shells.

Outside mirror repeaters

Stylish, modern touch, lamps in the outside mirrors provide extra visibility and safety when turning.

Rear combination lamps

Forming a harmonious part of the rear and sides, wrap-around rear lamps deliver highly visible illumination. In addition, bezel shape changed and provides clear light.

Roof antenna

Accent’s antenna shape changed for its style improvement which doesn’t get in the way in the car wash.


Meant for you, in every way

Take a seat in a metallic-hued and ergonomically pleasing space that’s easy on the eyes and practical. The doors continue the organic sweep, and sporty, redesigned grip handles top it all off.

Full auto air conditioning system

Available as an option, full auto air conditioning system lets the driver select one climate level setting and the passenger another. Just set the desired temperature and let the system take care of the rest-ensuring a customized interior climate that is fully comfortable and cozy for everyone on board.

Supervision cluster with color TFT LCD

The supervision cluster, with its circular rev counter and speedometer, is illuminated with white and blue backlighting for optimum clarity and readability. Providing vehicle information through both sight and sound, no-nonsense functionality combines with sporting elegance.

Audio system (Radio/CD/MP3)

The audio system features 6 speakers for high quality sound reproduction on the move. MY MUSIC functionality lets you transfer music files from your portable device and store them in the system’s memory. To prevent your eyes from dazzling and improve interior gentrification, LCD lighting replaces negative with positive.

Overhead console

Accent keeps your sunglasses just where you need them - in a convenient holder within easy reach.

Sun visor

The sun visor is designed using a knit-embossed fabric for a luxurious feel and incorporating a pocket-type ticket holder for convenience.

Floor console

The floor console armrest cover moves about 60 mm forward to enhance your comfort.

Glove box

A cooling glove box keeps your food and beverages fresh by inpouring cold air into the glove box.


1.6 MPi

gasoline engine with CVVT

Lightweight to enhance fuel economy, a 1.4 MPi gasoline engine with D-CVVT produces a maximum 100 ps at 6,000 rpm, while a 1.6 MPi gasoline engine with CVVT produces a maximum 124 ps at 6,300 rpm.

Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

Continuously variable transmission (CVT) is developed to keep its optimal rpm when driving, and it provides superb fuel efficiency, acceleration performance, and smooth driving experience.

6-speed manual transmission

6-speed manual transmission provides smooth, noiseless gearshifts thanks to a key and ball-type synchromesh, optimized gear tooth shape, and precision machining.

7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT)

By applying 7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT), Accent enhanced an acceleration such as maximum power of 136 ps and torque of 30.6 kg∙m.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

When braking on wet and slippery roads, any deviation in direction is detected by the Anti-lock brake system (ABS) sensors. The individual Anti-lock brake system (ABS) then activates to keep your wheels from locking up, prevent skidding and maintain directional control.



Exterior Colors

Interior Colors