Mitsubishi Pajero

The result of




The quality is in the detail

Bold, exquisite and elegant. Just like the greatest works of art, the Pajero is admired on many levels. Brought to life through the finest craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, right down to its refined grille and interior, the Pajero demands to be desired by all those who set their eyes on it.

High Technology

The Mitsubishi Pajero takes luxury 4WD technology to new heights. Fitted with Mitsubishi’s updated All Wheel Control System, you’ll find that your Pajero sticks to gravel, mud, snow and tarmac like a bee sticks to honey. And that it pulls incredibly heavy loads. The Pajero delivers exceptional performance in the most demanding environments. It will get you to them and through them in comfort and in style.


Man-Machine interface

Comfortable and inviting, the interior of Pajero/Montero is a far cry from the terrain it was designed to face. Illuminated meters and leather-wrapped controls are all ergonomically arranged and awaiting your command, while the soft leather seats and luxurious appointments throughout tempt you to forget your destination and simply keep driving.

Cool Sport

As sleek as it is spacious, Pajero's expansive interior delivers a ride of luxurious comfort for you and your passengers. Providing ample head and legroom for up to seven occupants, Pajero also features versatile seating arrangements to match your carrying needs. The third-row seats can be easily stowed under the floor to create a wide, flat storage space ideal for suitcases, or removed completely to give you a convenient underfloor compartment. For even larger items, the second-row seats can also be folded down to provide enough space for nearly anything you want to bring.


At your command

Mitsubishi's advanced control technologies were first conceived and developed to meet the challenges of the world's most gruelling rally courses. AWC (All Wheel Control) incorporates many of these rally-proven technologies to deliver precise traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently to ensure complete driver control in extreme conditions.


3.8L 24-valve V6 SOHC MIVEC

Pajero/Montero's 3.8-liter engine puts an incredible 250PS at your command ensuring that you’ll never be short on power. The MIVEC (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve-timing Electronic Control) system varies the inlet valve timing and lift to optimize engine output across more of the rev range. The net result is enjoyment of the full potential this powerhouse has to offer, with quicker starting response and sure, confident cruising performance.


AWC (All Wheel Control)

More than a technology, All Wheel Control is our guiding philosophy. Incorporating an array of innovative systems into an integrated performance and control network, AWC delivers precise traction, power and slip control for each wheel independently to ensure complete driver control even in extreme handling conditions.


Monocoque Body with Built-in Ladder Frame

They say that superior off-road handling capability could only come at the expense of on-road smoothness. They have obviously never driven Pajero/Montero. By incorporating a lightweight and highly rigid monocoque body with a built-in ladder frame that provides added resistance to torsion and flexing and fixing them atop a dynamic independent suspension, Pajero/Montero achieves an unprecedented combination of all-terrain control and luxury-sedan comfort. For added durability, Pajero/Montero now makes more extensive use of galvanized steel body panels, while the new aluminum hood panel reduces weight for better handling.

Front Midship Layout

The engine on Pajero/Montero has been shifted back closer to the center of the vehicle. This places more weight between the axles to greatly improve handling and control. In addition, the new engine position allows a better approach angle and provides added crumple zone protection in the event of an accident.


INVECS-II AT provides a smoother, more active driving feel while also improving fuel efficiency. It has been programmed with optimized shift patterns for a wide range of road conditions. Drivers may also select the D-Range setting, which duplicates the shift timing of an average driver for a natural driving feel that reduces fuel consumption.

Sports Mode for AT

Standard on all AT models, Sports Mode delivers the excitement of a manual shift while still providing the convenience of an automatic. Changing gears for enhanced response and performance with just a touch of the shifter, Sports Mode reminds you of what driving was like back when you first learned how.



5 Door GLS



v6 3.8 DOHC 24 valve MIVEC



Max Output PS/RPM

246 / 6000

Max Output KG-M/RPM

33.6 / 2750

Fuel System

Fuel Supply Equipment

Electronic Controlled Injection - Multi Point Injection

Fuel Tank Capacity l.




INVECS II 5-speed Automatic with sport mode


Max. Speed km


Min. turning radius m




Rack-and-pinion, power assisted



Double-wishbone, coil springs with stabilizer bar


Multi-link, coil springs with stabilizer bar



Ventilated Discs (4-pot)


Ventilated Discs


Front and rear

265 / 65 R 17 112H