Move away from the accepted

When things become more and more alike, individuality becomes more and more important. To stand out, you need to take a different standpoint, go against convention, and be prepared to surprise. Only by doing so, can you create something unique. Welcome to the Hyundai i30. A car that goes in a different direction.



Enjoy the variety of unique look

A car that dares to go in a different direction. Because it knows that's the best way to become the only one.

Quite simply, unique

Designed to reflect your character. i30's horizontal grille boasts its sporty and cheerful image enhancing the overall style of the car.

Ingenious Design

A piece of innovation made by the Fluidic Sculpture, the very philosophy of Hyundai itself. Sporty front, splendid rear and every facet so original, you just can't help being charmed by i30.

Sporty and prestigious

i30's sleek side line and alloy wheels boost the car's sporty appeal to satisfy those who crave for sporty and luxury style.

Outside mirror repeaters

While outside mirror repeaters are sleek, elegant and give you more visibility, puddle lamps light up when you approach the car, for a classy.

Electric folding outside mirrors

Outside mirrors are automatically folded for better convenience.

Rear wiper

The rear screen wiper clears a larger area, and it is automatically activated by selecting reverse gear if a rain sensor is fitted.

Fog lamps with LED daytime running lights (DRL)

Mounted low on the body to easily penetrate fog, optional fog lamps form an uninterrupted part of the lower bumper.


Where contrast makes for harmony

The interior of the i30 is where the sculptural qualities of the car really come into play. A variety of textural surfaces contrast with one another, with controls and technological features playing off against the dashboard trim in a highly effective way.

Supervision cluster with 4.3" color TFT LCD

With white and blue illuminated graphics, the sporty supervision cluster displays all the attributes of modern, functional design.

Full auto air conditioning system

This allows the driver and front seat passenger to select separate air conditioning levels.

Seat warming & cooling air ventilation system

Stay warm in the cold weather with heated seats, and stay cool in the hot weather with ventilated front seats that circulate cool and refreshing air.

Driver’s power seat

Powered driver's seat helps you find the best seating position.

Audio system

All audio systems include at least four speakers as standard - two front speakers positioned for ideal range and two in the rear doors.

Overhead console

A multi-point lighting system includes driver and passenger map lights, plus a roof mounted overhead console.

Glove box (Cooling)

The glove compartment includes a specially designed vent to keep your drinks cool.

Auto defogging system

Auto defogging system will make sure there is no fog inside of the windshield providing you with clear view on the road.

Engine start / stop button

The engine start / stop button requires just a simple push to fire up the engine as long as the smart key is around you.

Rain sensor

The system monitors the amount and intensity of rain and automatically adjusts the windshield wipers operation frequency.

Rear camera display (RCD) system

An electro-chromic room mirror automatically dims the glare of headlights behind you, while its integrated screen displays images from the back warning camera.


1.6 MPi

gasoline engine

Lightweight for greater fuel economy, this engine delivers a maximum 130 ps at 6,300 rpm, while its rigidity means reduced noise and vibrations.

6-speed automatic transmission

The 6-speed automatic transmission provides greater acceleration and fuel economy while emitting less CO2. A chrome surround is standard with the option of a leather gearshift cover matched to a leather-wrapped steering wheel.

6-speed manual transmission

Available with all i30 engines, the 6-speed manual transmission delivers incredibly precise gear changes and a smooth and confident feeling as well.

7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT)

By applying 7-speed Double clutch transmission (DCT), i30 enhanced an acceleration such as maximum power of 136 ps and torque of 30.6 kg•m.

Electronic stability control (ESC)

Electronic stability control (ESC) constantly monitors vehicle motion with on-board sensors to maintain stability and control. Should there be a possible risk of losing traction, it intervenes and stabilizes the vehicle by applying brakes on each wheel and reducing engine torque.

Vehicle stability management (VSM)

Vehicle stability management (VSM) enhances directional stability by optimally controlling Motor driven power-steering (MDPS) and brakes on each wheel. In case of braking on a non- homogeneous surface, it works automatically to stabilize the vehicle and maintain the intended path. Meanwhile, the steering assist system operates to direct the car to a low-friction surface in order to prevent under- or over-steering.



Exterior Colors

Interior Colors