Turn heads, before even getting out of the car

Assertive, sporty, elegant. This is what the Elantra says with its curves, swept-back headlamps, a hood with serious character and an extra-wide front bumper.



Make an impression that lasts, from any angle

If you find yourself feeling excited looking at the Elantra's side character lines, muscular wheel arches and lower roofing, don't worry: It's a common side effect.

With a voluminous rear bumper and elongated rear combination lamps, the Elantra is many things you don't often see together: athletic & luxurious, stable & graceful, strong & agile.

HID headlamps with LED light guide

Optional HID headlamps, with a lower energy consumption level and a longer life span than conventional headlamps, provide high intensity light that secures increased visibility.

Front fog lamps

Newly designed sharp and refined fog lamps, which are optional, complete the sporty yet strong front end style.

Rear combination lamps

Rear combination lamps featuring a design that is even more elegant and sophisticated than before add the perfect finishing touch to Elantra’s stylish rear.

Outside mirror repeaters

Aerodynamically sculpted outside mirrors are manually foldable and are fitted with LED side repeaters providing a crowning touch.

Front bumper

With the emphasis on details, the all new front fascia is not only luxurious, but also gives an impressing of solid quality.

Rear bumper

Newly designed black two-tone rear bumper gives stable and sporty image.


Luxury beckons. Come and make yourself at home

The interior design is roomy, comfy and confident, setting new industry standards for the basic layout of a car and the execution of details.

The supervision cluster (option), with its high-tech design, adopts an OLED display that is clearer than the conventional dot-type display for increased readability and information delivery.

Front seat ventilation

Optional fans in the cushions and the back of the front seats absorb and ventilate the air inside the car to provide a pleasant ride.

Smart power sunroof

The optional sunroof is made for those special days when you want to enjoy the sunshine and fresh breeze. A safety sensor prevents accidental closure.

Rear seats

Rear seats are not only comfortable, but can also be transformed into additional cargo space for large or long loads by conveniently being folded into a 6:4 ratio.

Full auto air conditioning system

The optional full auto air conditioning system keeps the air inside the car pleasant and maintains it at the desired temperature so that everyone in the car can enjoy the ride no matter where they are seated. Upward positioned center air vents and closing shutters improve air ventilation usability.

Audio system (Radio/CD/MP3/Bluetooth)

The audio system with optional 4.3" color TFT LCD can be operated conveniently thanks to its touch-screen. The optional Bluetooth function not only lets drivers listen to music, but also allows them to make telephone calls safely while driving.

Electronic chromic mirror (ECM) with Rear camera display (RCD) system

The Electronic chromic mirror (ECM), which effectively prevents glaring in the eyes, includes an Rear camera display (RCD) system to help drivers secure better rear view visibility.


1.6 MPi gasoline engine with D-CVVT

Hyundai’s stated goal is to become the world leader in fuel efficiency and these engines prove it. The 1.6ℓ MPi gasoline engine is equipped with Dual continuously variable valve timing (D-CVVT) to boost horsepower output (130 ps) and lower exhaust emissions while improving fuel economy to best-in-class. Peak torque measures 16.0 kg·m at 4,850 rpm. The aluminum 1.8ℓ MPi gasoline engine is capable of a maximum 150 ps while its peak torque rating of 18.2 kg·m is reached at 4,700 rpm.

6-speed automatic transmission

The automatic transmission, with an enhanced grip thanks to the ergonomic design, ensures maximum driving satisfaction with its high-precision response and exceptional durability.

6-speed manual transmission

For purists who insist on doing their own shifting, Hyundai offers a six-speed manual transmission. Economical, quiet and ultra-smooth, the six-speed is designed to deliver years and years of trouble free operation.

Electronic stability control (ESC)

ESC continuously tracks how the driver maneuvers the steering wheel in comparison to the actual rotation of the car. It automatically applies braking to each wheel allowing the driver to have complete control over the movement of the car. In particular, ESC effectively controls the car from skidding when cornering.

Anti-lock brake system (ABS)

Full braking in a curve. Without ABS, the brakes are highly likely to lock and the vehicle becomes uncontrollable and slips out of the curve. With ABS, on the contrary, you have the full control and you can either stop where you want or go through the curve without unfortunate accident.



Exterior Colors

Interior Colors