The Perfect Storm

They say there's calm at the eye of the storm. But out on the leading edge, things get interesting. That’s the idea behind the latest iteration of Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture design, dubbed "Storm Edge" It gives the Santa Fe style that exhibits the power and strength of nature.



Finding the perfect intersection between SUV and Sedan

Resulting in a wonderful reversal by making the things having no coexistence one. Feel the new criteria of SUV by experiencing Santa Fe's dynamic delicacy.

Bold yet delicate,

voluminous yet balanced

Robust on Style

Hyundai Santa Fe’s Storm Edge concept represents bold and robust design that indicates the power and delicacy of nature during the storm creation in the sky.

Solid and spacious,

energetic and careful

HID headlamps

Santa Fe is equipped with high intensity discharge lamps that allow you to see better and look good with the bright lamps against a sporty, rectangular projection lens.

Front fog lamps

The sportiness continues with a mesh-like garnish that complements the aggressive wide bumper. Fog lamps enhance visibility when raining or cloudy.

LED rear combination lamps

Chic horizontally aligned lamps maximize visibility while creating a simple rear image.

Outside mirror repeaters

Stylish melds with functional in the outside mirror repeaters with puddle lamps that add to the high-tech appeal. Preventing damage to the exterior during tight parking conditions. Moreover, they make your turning intentions clear.

Roof rack

The roof rack adds the final touch to the exterior design to complete the dynamism and sophistication of an urban SUV.

Alloy wheels

Large aluminum wheels anchor the Santa Fe's high-performance image and sporty, elegant flair. 17 ~ 19" wheels show a sophisticated and luxurious design having outstanding driving stability.


Three dimensional beauty you can luxuriate in

Come on in. There's plenty of space, futuristic design and superior luggage capacity. The interior continues the exterior's sporty, dynamic promise.

Steering wheel

A control tower, in your hands. Whether you need a information display, auto cruise control, just make all the adjustments you need on the steering wheel.

Full auto air conditioning system

The driver and front passenger can each set their preferred ambient temperature levels with full auto air conditioning system that satisfies the emotional needs.

Crash pad

The crash pad features fine detailing against a two-tone interior with a classy, distinct garnish.

Storage system (floor console)

A functional armrest encases a generous storage box for everything from coins to knick-knacks.

Rear center armrest cup holders

The folks in back can enjoy the same convenience. It makes sure your passengers enjoy the ride.

Cargo capacity

Here you go, 585 + 1,095 liters of luggage space. In other words, throw in your luggage, golf bags and more. With a main luggage area, luggage under tray space and a mid-section that can be folded down for long cargo like skis, the Santa Fe can carry it all.


2.4 MPi

gasoline engine

The 2.4 MPi gasoline engine is capable of a maximum 176 ps at 6,000 rpm and 23.1 kg∙m torque at 3,750 rpm.

Front & rear suspension

A front McPherson strut type suspension delivers a better ride and greater stability while driving and braking. A rear multi-link suspension makes it possible to create a more spacious rear compartment than in-wheel rear suspension cars, delivering a more comfortable ride.

6-speed automatic transmission

Low maintenance, highly convenient. The 6-speed automatic transmission brings you improved intuitive operability, nighttime drivability, illuminated position indicators and the perk of never needing to change your transmission oil.

6-speed manual transmission

Available with all i30 engines, the 6-speed manual transmission delivers incredibly precise gear changes and a smooth and confident feeling as well.

Advanced traction cornering control (ATCC)

This continuously analyzes data such as road speed and steering angle. It then distributes torque to any single wheel as required, providing improved lateral stability when cornering.

While accelerating in a corner, the Advanced traction cornering control (ATCC) applies brake torque on the inner wheel of the driven axle to prevent understeer of the vehicle. Along with the Electronic stability control (ESC), it provides both agility and stability when cornering.



Exterior Colors

Interior Colors