Welcome to the Yeti

Yeti strikes the perfect balance between on road performance, family orientated practicality and rugged 4x4 styling. With a choice of two or four wheel drive systems on both diesel and petrol engines, as well as flexible Varioflex rear seating, sizable boot space and higher ride height as standard, Yeti is perfect for life in towns and cities.

But if driving off the beaten track appeals, at the mere push of the off-road button, Yeti turns into a highly capable off-road vehicle. It is adept at climbing slippery slopes, descending steep hills and maintaining control on difficult terrain using the very latest in 4x4 systems. Yeti has all the benefits of a 4x4 vehicle combined with the practicality and drive of a family hatchback.



Exterior Design for Urban Jungle

The fact that this is an SUV designed for everyday use is obvious at first glance – the mature expression commanding respect in the urban jungle, the dynamic shapes and the elegant styling, with most components painted in the body colour.

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Space Redefined by ŠKODA

The ample room available in the interior and luggage space is a major feature of ŠKODA cars. The Yeti is no exception, and is able to carry up to five people with ease. With interior width of 1437 mm and plenty of legroom on the rear seats, the car allows four adults to travel in comfort even on long journeys. The standard 405/510-litre luggage compartment volume can be expanded to an incredible 1760 litres with the rear seats removed.

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Jumbo Box


Depending on the trim level, the interior is or can be equipped with a Jumbo Box with arm rest between the front seats. When the Yeti is fitted with air conditioning, the Jumbo Box is cooled. Optionally, a Jumbo Box package complete with ashtray and 1.5-litre bottle holder can be ordered.

Glove compartment


One of the biggest storage area in the Yeti is a large-capacity glove compartment in front of the passenger seat. Depending on trim level, it can be illuminated and even cooled.



Here’s another little human touch that sets ŠKODA apart when it comes to value for money, and something you’ll really value if you have children – because kids are experts at building up little piles of rubbish on a journey. Apple cores, sweet wrappings and paper tissues – where do you put them all? ŠKODA offers a “Simply Clever” and highly useful solution. A little waste basket. It clips onto the storage well of the passenger door and is easy to slide out whenever you want to empty the bag.

Safety vest holder


You know that part of an aircraft safety drill when they talk about the life vest under your seat? At ŠKODA we now provide you with an on-road equivalent that is Simply Clever. It might not inflate, but its reflective surface could be a life saver at night. It is stowed safely under the driver’s seat in its own holder, making it quick and easy to get to. If you have a puncture at night, or even during the day, just reach down and put it on.


Rear view camera as Optical Parking Assistant

Enjoy easy parking with the Optical Parking Assistant, using a camera in the tailgate handle. It is automatically activated when reverse gear is engaged. Combined exclusively with the Amundsen and Columbus navigations, the system uses their displays to show the space behind the car and to indicate the driving line, based on the vehicle width. The camera is always supplied with parking sensors and can be combined with the second-generation Automatic Parking Assistant.


Comfort features

The utilisation of new technologies is no end in itself. ŠKODA’s supreme goal has always been to make driving a car as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. To this end, the ŠKODA Yeti provides a series of electric and electronic features: from heated windscreen and foldable outside mirrors to smart air conditioning.

KESSY – Keyless Entry, Start and exit SYstem

Open or close the door, start or stop the engine, all without using a single key? That is the comfort provided by the KESSY (Keyless Entry Start and Exit System). The driver still carries the key to the vehicle with him, but no needs to hold the key in hand to open and start the ŠKODA Yeti.

Heated windshield

The heated windshield will come most handy to the drivers who often park outside. The heating is turned on with the button on the centre console, warming the windshield and loosening the frost, which can then be removed with the wipers. The windshield is heated by thin wires, evenly spaced throughout the whole windshield surface to provide its effective warming.

Automatically folding rearview mirrors

When continually pressing the “lock the car” button on the remote control the rearview mirrors fold automatically. Mirrors are protected from potential damage when parking in the city streets, tighter garages or on full parking lots. Boarding Spots, the entry area illumination, are integrated in rearview mirrors, and manage to safely board or exit the ŠKODA Yeti even when outside it is pitch dark.

Second-generation Automatic Parking Assistant

Drivers in cities will appreciate the Automatic Parking Assistant. After a simple press of a button, a car is able to find a large enough gap between parked cars. The car’s electronics turn the steering wheel, while the driver adjusts the speed using the pedals. Parking is made even easier by the Optical Parking Assistant with a camera in the handle of the tailgate which displays the area behind the vehicle and features a line of travel the width of the vehicle.

Climatronic dual-zone climate control

The electronically controlled ŠKODA Climatronic climate control lets you enjoy the comfort of automatically maintained temperature in the car. The Climatronic has two zones, so driver and passenger can set their own temperatures. It uses sensors and mechanisms to gauge and adjust the temperature and both the speed and direction of air flowing into cabin. It is also able to compensate for the sun radiation by more intensive cooling, so the driver doesn’t have to change the temperature settings.

Bluetooth Hands-Free

The hands-free system guarantees the ease and safety of telephone use while driving. The Bluetooth unit also facilitates A2DP audio streaming and can maintain two simultaneous Bluetooth wireless connections. With the Amundsen or Bolero infotainment system, you can also read, write and send text messages (SMS) via the touchscreen.