Welcome to the new ŠKODA Rapid

The ŠKODA Rapid is the first car to truly embody ŠKODA’s new design language, characterised by clean lines and sharp angles. The stunning lines of the car allow light and darkness to interplay, creating a dynamism and timeless elegance.

At the same time, the Rapid remains very loyal to ŠKODA’s core values, offering outstanding space, fantastic value for money and a car which has been designed at every stage with the driver and passengers in mind. Read on to find out more about the Rapid's stunning exterior design, ample useable space and abundance of thoughtful features and equipment.



Saloon in ŠKODA style

The Rapid represents a new design style for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive face. The headlamps are integrated into the grille, creating a unified design unit that makes the car look wider. From the side, the Rapid impresses with its elegant clean surfaces and dynamic lines that, at the same time, suggest a spacious interior. The perfect functionality of the design is also reflected in the shape of the rear doors, which offer generous entry space upon opening. The dynamics and robustness emanate from the vehicle even when looking at it from the rear. Another remarkable detail are the sharp-edged triangles on both sides of the registration plate space.

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Space Redefined by ŠKODA

The ample room available in the cabin and luggage space is a major feature of ŠKODA cars. The Rapid is no exception, and is able to carry up to five people with ease. With interior width of 1,428 mm and plenty of legroom on the rear seats, the car allows four adults to travel in comfort even on long journeys. The 550-litre luggage compartment volume can be expanded to an incredible 1,490 litres with the rear seatbacks folded down.

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Pleasant atmosphere

The Style interior with beige upholstery and Satin Black/Stone Beige dashboard has numerous chrome features - trim on the 3-spoke steering wheel, vent frames etc.​

Decorative stripes

The dashboard's appearance is livened up by decorative stripes in several attractive designs - Dark Brushed, Silver Brushed, Piano White, and Piano Black.

Sports seats

The Dynamic sports seats are both comfortable and functional.

Entertainment on board

There are many ways the Rapid can make your journeys more entertaining. Place your iPod in a multimedia holder and connect it to car radio via Aux-In.

Everything at your fingertips

A major emphasis is placed on ergonomics. All controls are distributed intuitively and are immediately to hand.

Generous space even in the back

The Rapid is able to carry up to five people with ease. With an interior width of 1,428 mm and plenty of rear legroom, the car allows four adults to travel in comfort even on long journeys.​


Green Technologies

The ŠKODA Rapid is fitted with modern TSI and TDI engines, combining better performance with lower consumption and less emissions. Turbocharged engines in the Rapid (the TSI and TDI engines, excluding the 1.6 TDI/66 kW with DSG automatic transmission) can be complemented by a set of sophisticated technical solutions to further reduce consumption and emissions - Green tec.


Special tyres

Using low rolling resistance tyres is simple measure to lower both fuel consumption and emissions. Lower rolling resistance is achieved by using different rubber compound, specially designed tread and higher recommended pressure. These properties also help to prolong the tyre life. Changing the tyres less often not only saves money, but it’s also environmentally friendly.


Gear change recommendation

Right choice of the gear ratio can save fuel and increase the drive comfort at the same time. Lower engine speeds result in lower fuel consumption and quieter engine operation. The gear change recommendation is presented on the display in the instrument cluster. The symbols in the upper right corner of the display confirms the right choice of the gear ratio, or recommends changing up or down.


DSG automatic gearbox

Seven-speed DSG automatic gearbox (Direct Shift Gearbox) combines the advantages and suppresses the disadvantages of both manual gearbox and ordinary torque converter automatic gearbox. DSG enables quick, precise shifting and offers high level of comfort at the same time. And what’s more, it even provides lower fuel consumption.


Drive Green

The Rapid was developed with environmental friendliness in mind. The low fuel consumption and emission figures hinge on the frugal petrol engines and the diesel units with their common-rail fuel injection and diesel particulate filter. The following factors contribute to lower emissions:

- Brake energy recovery
- Use of a Start-Stop system

All Rapid engines comply with EU6 emission standards.


Start-Stop system

When the vehicle is stationary, the engine runs uselessly, while still consuming fuel and emitting pollutants. That’s why the Start-Stop system automatically switches the engine off after stopping the vehicle, reducing the fuel consumption of the engine. If driver stops the vehicle after certain period of driving, shifts into neutral, releases the clutch pedal (and other conditions are met), the engine switches off automatically. As soon as the driver presses the clutch to shift into a gear, the engine starts immediately.


Energy recovery

Energy recovery turns kinetic energy back into usable electricity. During engine braking, the alternator supplies the electricity to appliances and charges the battery. This saves fuel, which would be otherwise used on these tasks. When the car is accelerating or driving steadily, the car uses the electricity stored in battery – therefore the alternator works at lighter load in this mode. The fuel supply is adjusted to the lower power use, which results in lower fuel consumption.

Comfort features

ŠKODA Rapid features many electronic systems to enhance its level of comfort, functionality and safety even further.


The automatic climate control ŠKODA Climatronic provides the convenience of stable, automatically maintained temperature in the car’s interior. The Climatronic uses various sensors and elements to monitor and adjust the temperature, direction and speed of the air flowing into the vehicle. For example the humidity sensor to reduce windshield fogging.

Cruise control

Do the long motorway drives make your right leg ache? Do you like to drive on top of the speed limits, but don’t want to get over them? Then the cruise control is exactly what you need. You can simply save the current speed and the cruise control will keep it until you step on the brake, clutch or you switch the cruise control off again.

KESSY - Keyless Entry, Start and exit System

Open or close the door, start or stop the engine, all without having to search for your key? That is the comfort provided by the KESSY system. Simply pull the door handle (or push the boot button) and the vehicle will unlock automatically. Start the car by pushing the button located to the right of the steering column.

Power windows

Both front and rear windows can be conveniently operated by the driver.​

Car settings

The “CAR” menu in the Amundsen, Bolero and Swing infotainment systems allows driver to adjust certain settings in the Rapid, e.g. the assistants, lighting or parking sensors.

Front and rear parking sensors

The system for signalling the distance from an obstacle is a welcome help, especially when navigating through tight spaces. The driver is alerted not only by front and rear acoustic signal, but also visually on the display of the Swing or Bolero radio or Amundsen navigation system.