Welcome to ŠKODA Auto

ŠKODA AUTO, based in Mladá Boleslav in the Czech Republic, is one of the world’s longest-standing automobile manufacturers. The tradition of the Company dates back to 1895, when Václav Laurin and Václav Klement formed a partnership that laid the foundation for over 100 years of Czech expertise in automotive engineering.

The ŠKODA brand has been a Volkswagen Group brand for more than 20 years. During this time, the ŠKODA AUTO Group’s deliveries to customers have increased substantially and its product portfolio has expanded significantly. Today, ŠKODA AUTO employs more than 25,750 people worldwide.

The ŠKODA AUTO Group has production facilities in the Czech Republic and India. Furthermore, ŠKODA cars are produced in China, Russia, Slovakia, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

This international presence will form the basis for the Group’s planned growth over the next few years. The conditions for this are already in place: impressive automobiles, a strong brand, a motivated and capable team and the ability to turn innovations into Simply Clever customer benefits.


Smartphone on wheels

SmartLink delivers an elegant connection between car and smartphone using MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all of this is mirrored on the central display.


MirrorLink™ installed in the appropriate infotainment system allows compatible smartphones to display and control applications on-screen. This lends a new dimension, for instance, to the use of navigation software or to the enjoyment of personal music. Connecting is quick and easy: simply plug a USB cable into the smartphone and the infotainment system and activate MirrorLink™ mode on the radio for the phone’s MirrorLink™-certified apps to be mirrored on the infotainment system screen.

Apple CarPlay

Advanced iPhone using on four wheels.

CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use an iPhone in the car. CarPlay takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while driving and puts them right on your car´s built-in display.

Android Auto

Audio entertainment and messaging services in the car.

Let you listen to and control content in your music and other audio apps. Allow you to hear and respond to your messaging service via the car's controls and screen.

All-Wheel Drive

Off-Road is On

Most cars can drive fast on standard roads and will lead you to ‘most places’. But when you absolutely need to get where you’re going, when you decide to go off the beaten trail and leave the pavement behind, the story is different. In these cases, you’ll need a rugged and powerful vehicle, capable of conquering all weather, surface and terrain. A car that goes where others get hung up. It’s time to get muddy and go to places no ordinary vehicle could reach.

Good Traction (Dry Rroad)

Under normal conditions, most of the power goes to the front wheels.

Bad Grip for All Wheels

Let there be a slippery road, the intelligent system with 5th-generation Haldex coupling will distribute torque between all wheels within milliseconds.

Bad Grip for the Front Wheels

ŠKODA’s drivetrain even lets you to handle situations where there is no grip under front wheels – up to 90% of torque can flow to the rear.

Bad Grip for the Front Wheels and the Left Rear Wheel

​Even when driving conditions go extremely tricky, you can still stay calm – your ŠKODA can dedicate up to 85% of torque to just one wheel.


Taking Safety seriously

One of the primary objectives during development of ŠKODA cars is to offer all passengers the maximum possible level of safety. Our development is focused first and foremost on active safety, the goal of which is to prevent completely accidents and high-risk situations. However, since even the greatest of efforts can’t prevent accidents entirely, ŠKODA vehicles are also constructed with an emphasis on passive safety, that is, the ability to dissipate the brunt of any impact and thereby protect passengers from injury. High quality, rigid body structure is the essence of safety in all types of crashes. Together with number of airbags and accompanying passive safety features ŠKODA tries to minimize consequences of any possible impact.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)


ESC, or Electronic Stability Control, helps every driver to handle critical situations, when the car is getting into the skid. The control unit constantly compares current data about the driving behaviour of the vehicle with the present values. If the values do not match, the control unit gives command to stabilize the vehicle. The stability program uses the abilities of ABS, ASR and few other special sensors. This allows it to prevent slipping or locking the wheels. The principle of its function is limiting the engine torque and braking the inner rear wheel in case of understeer, or outer front wheel in case of oversteer.

Antilock Brake System (ABS)


The ŠKODA ABS keeps the wheels rolling by reducing the braking force on individual wheels. This enables the driver to avoid the obstacle. Electronic control unit continuously compares data from the speed sensors on individual wheels. If abrupt deceleration of any wheel is detected, the hydraulics receive a command to release the brake pressure, so the wheel resumes rolling. The signal from wheel speed sensor changes again and the ECU recognizes that the wheel is unblocked again. It is therefore able to transfer the brake force again and the sensor gives command to apply the brake pressure. Up to 16 such cycles can occur each second.

Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)


​On the road with different surfaces on each side, for example dry tarmac on one side and ice or snow on the other, you will appreciate the EDL differential lock. This system works together with ABS sensors. Electronic control unit continually receives data from ABS wheel speed sensors on the driven wheels. If ECU detects that one wheel is slipping, it applies the brake pressure to match its speed to the second, non-slipping wheel. This also directs the torque to the wheel with better traction, which is able to transfer more power.




After eight years of success, the second generation Octavia is making way for the third generation, a car that pushes the boundaries of technology, safety, space and efficiency like no ŠKODA before it.

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The ŠKODA Rapid is the first car to truly embody ŠKODA’s new design language, characterised by clean lines and sharp angles. The stunning lines of the car allow light and darkness to interplay, creating a dynamism and timeless elegance.

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Yeti strikes the perfect balance between on road performance, family orientated practicality and rugged 4x4 styling. Flexible rear seating, sizable boot space and higher ride height as standard, Yeti is perfect for life in towns and cities.

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