ELRIZK Service Center

Our Customer facing and support staff are trained in-house and at the Toyota Training Center in Toyota Egypt covering customer handling, administrative procedures and vehicle product knowledge.

- There is a computerised history of work carried out and parts used for every job done.

- We offer six months guarantee with every job.

- Our technicians have access to Toyota technical information and workshop manuals.

- We use only Toyota approved materials, lubricants and paints.

- We use only Toyota Genuine Parts.

- We use the correct specialist tools to ensure dismantling without damage and accurate re-assembly.

- Our tools and equipment are maintained on contract to ensure accuracy and safety.

- The replaced parts are available for inspection during vehicle delivery.

- A full service history with dealer maintenance enhances the resale value of your vehicle by upto 15%.

- We operate all inclusive menu pricing with no hidden charges.

- We have Service Departments in every Emirate.

- Technicians have check lists so maintenance is consistent.

- Each of our Service Departments has a professional trained Manager to assist you.

- Vehicle turn around for maintenance jobs in one working day.

- We protect your vehicle with seat and floor covers .

- Your responses on our Customer Satisfaction survey drives continuous improvement.

- We take care of the environment by recycling or proper disposal of waste.

- We have clean and pleasant customer areas with refreshments.

Your vehicle is well served by our qualified team

Take your drink and dessert in our guest hall while we serve your vehicle

We use only Toyota genuine parts and recommended liquids in your car

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