TERIOS: The compact SUV

Create your special place

Styling that blends the stability and strength of SUV with a sophisticated look is ideal for both the nature and the city. A powerful engine and solid suspension maximize the excitement for both off-road and on-road. A compact body encloses a surprisingly expansive interior with a large luggage capacity, and convenient features and functions make daily driving even more fun.


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Create your great impression

The dynamic side profile is a result of pursuing the ideal and most spacious cabin.

The stylish exterior design stands out in the city.

The large interior space that provides exceptional comfort to everyone in the vehicle combines with

the sophisticated external styling to deliver a driving experience beyond your expectations.


Create your delightful driving

From the outside, you cannot imagine the generous cabin space you will find inside TERIOS, along with the many features and functions that make driving easy, comfortable and fun.

The driver's seat is spacious and allows excellent forward visibility. Equipped with mechanisms that help minimise driving fatigue, this seat is designed to give you maximum comfort.

The dignified and solid instrument panel, designed for durability, create SUV sportiness.

The cabin interior decor is unified and expresses a high-class feel and individuality with excellent balance.

The multi-information display shows the kind of information you need to enjoy outdoor activities.


Create your safety drive

Boasting full-time 4WD and a centre differential lock, TERIOS delivers superb drivability on rough roads, quick acceleration from a standing position, and outstanding high-speed stability. The centre differential prevents occurrence of the "tight corner braking phenomenon."* In thick mud or on a deeply rutted road, just touch a button to switch on the differential lock. This connects the front and rear wheels directly, giving the vehicle better traction. A direct traction LSD (Limited-Slip Differential) for the rear wheels is available as an option for 4WD model. If one rear wheel loses traction, this system delivers more power to the other rear wheel.

1.5-litre DVVT petrol engine

The 1.5-litre DVVT engine has more than enough power to deliver a spirited, satisfying ride for TERIOS. With maximum output of 77/6000 (kW/rpm) and maximum torque of 140/4400 (N·m/rpm), the engine delivers ample torque at low to mid-rpms and smooth, easy acceleration at high rpms. You can enjoy an exciting ride whether you're travelling off-road, driving in the city, or cruising at high speeds.

Body structure designed to protect pedestrians

TERIOS is designed to minimise the impact to a pedestrian's head and legs in the event of an accident.




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