Mission impossible is off your mind

The invincible Hilux sets a new benchmark in the ‘pick-up’ category. It redefines toughness with an aggressive new look and an impressive performance. The new Hilux is made to suit your needs – be it loading capacity, power and performance or the interior refinement that is on par with a luxury sedan. Hilux’s solid body structure is based on Toyota’s innovative GOA design, which uses high-tensile steel giving you a sense of security and peace of mind. This feeling is enhanced with the essential Passive and Active Safety measures - such as SRS airbags, shock-absorbing structure, 3 - point tensile seat-belts and ABS brakes as well as highly visible front, back and side indicator lamps.

More enjoyable drive

The new Hilux redefines comfort and interior-style. It's spacious, it's refined and it's equipped with sedan-like features for your convenience. The double-cab offers more room for seating while the single-cab is ideal for more cargo. Either way, the Hilux is a remarkable work-horse that doesn't compromise on your comfort, either. Enjoy an exciting and comfortable ride with adjustable seats, advanced sound system, powerful air-conditioning that beats the desert heat – and options that were made to enhance the pleasure of your journey.

A perfect match for any challenge

The new Hilux packs power and performance under the hood. It is built to conquer any challenge and meet your goals. The dual coil-spring front suspension and rear axle suspension ensure comfort and smoothness of the ride while temporary 4WD handles any terrain with ease. You’ll change your mind about tough vehicles once you experience the new Hilux. It's easy to control, easy to drive and it lets you beat all the odds. It's stylish, comfortable and sporty; It's spacious and powerful. It's durable and dependable. Add all these to the legendary toughness and performance of Hilux, you are guaranteed to enjoy every ride.