SIRION: the Multiple Purpose Compact

Enhances your life

Original styling blends sharp lines and round curves, and interior convenience responds to any need. SIRION – i t’ s an easy-handling Multiple Purpose Compact that stands out in any scene, and lets you enter a much more enriched life.


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Front Bumper

Impact absorbing front bumper does not chip or deform in impacts less than 15 km/h. Integrated and coloured to match the body. The bumper gives the Sirion a smart fresh look. Composed out of Polypropylene with memory applications.

Pedestrain Safety

Bonnet has impact absorbing material to minimise damage in common places where the pedestrian would hit the vehicle. The cowl also has softer, impact absorbing areas to ensure pedestrian safety.

Rear Bumper

Lower part of bumper is harder than upper part to make sure that pedestrian is not dragged underneath the vehicle.


Exclusive Quality

Motivates your mind

The roomy, well-appointed cabin’s ample functions let you experience the comfort and joy of driving. The front doors of the Sirion open to nearly 80 degrees which makes entry and exit as easy as possible. The finish of the vehicle underneath the cubby hole shows the attention to detail and the quality of the finishes.

The expansive instrument panel, with its functional and convenient equipment and amenities, greatly adds to driving pleasure.

Well-designed seats hold occupants firmly in place, increasing even long-range ride comfort.

Distinctive double meters are positioned on the steering column close to the driver for visibility suited to driver physique.


Spirited Performance

Moves your heart

Smooth yet powerful performance produces the kind of driving pleasure that creates an experience to treasure.

1.5-litre DVVT Petrol Engine

This 1.5-litre DVVT engine delivers versatile power with decreased fuel consumption, realising a satisfying, stress-free ride with less impact on the environment.

1.3-litre DVVT Petrol Engine

This well-balanced 1.3-litre DVVT engine combines high performance with fuel efficiency, while achieving sufficient noise suppression and lighter weight.

1.0-litre DVVT Petrol Engine

This 1.0-litre DVVT engine delivers low- and mid-range power with exclusive fuel efficiency and reduced harmful emissions during all-round city driving.



Minimum Turning Circle

A minimum turning circle of just 8.6m eases manoeuvring and parking in tight areas.


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